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Ride Revive Classic Valet
    Ride Revive offer just one valet option - the very best!  The Classic Valet is an exceptionally high quality service, thoroughly valeting both the car's exterior and interior to a very high standard - this is NOTHING LIKE what the 'hand car washes offer!   Taking a full day to complete, our Classic Valet will 'revive' your car to a like new condition.

    The process - Exterior:
    • Wheels (including inner wheels) cleaned using an appropriate wheel cleaner & brushes
    • Citrus pre wash applied to car's lower quarter & wheel arches
    • Snow foam pre wash (pH neutral)
    • Exterior washed (using a soft wash mitt & the 'two bucket' safe method)
    • Dried with a soft micro fibre towel
    • Paintwork polished
    • Tyres dressed
    • Glass cleaned

    The process - Interior:
    • Vacuumed (including all luggage & storage areas)
    • Hard surfaces dusted
    • Hard surfaces cleaned
    • Hard surfaces dressed
    • Glass & mirrors cleaned
    • Fabrics cleaned
    • Carpets cleaned
    • Leather upholstery cleaned
    • Leather upholstery treated
    Priced at £100.00 taking that the vehicle is of average size and in reasonable condition.

    Please Note:

    An extra charge will apply for very dirty cars to cover the extra time needed to complete either valet to our high standard. If necessary this will be advised prior to work commencing.

    Optional Extras
    • Wax or sealant applied - Protect your car's freshly polished paintwork further by having a high quality wax or sealant applied - from £20.00 depending on what product used. 
    • Air conditioning treatment - Your car's air conditioning system can provide an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.  We offer a treatment which kills this bacteria & eliminates any unpleasant odours - £25.00. 
    • Fabric & Vynil convertable roof care - Deep cleaning, re-proofing, re-colouring and rear perspex screen restoration. 
    • Wheel off alloy wheel care - Wheels removed, cleaned and sealed. 
    • Engine bay / engine cleaning - Have your car's engine bay / engine professionally cleaned and dressed to give your car a well looked after, wow factor. 

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